Three Things You Can Do to Up Your Job Search Game in 2018

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Back in September, I chatted with Gabriela Casineanu, author of Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search about job search tips she shares with her coaching clients. Her approach to job search is very interesting and a stark contrast to the way we usually think about job search (e.g. stare in front of the computer and scroll through Indeed for hours on end). Here are three things she suggests when seeking out a new gig.

  1. Know exactly what you want to do
    Most of the time, we fall into the mindset of “taking what we can get” when it comes to a new job, especially if we’re in a dire or unhappy work environment. Unfortunately, when we approach a new job this way, that cycle never truly breaks. Think about what type of position you want and also what industry or company you want to work in and tailor your networking to that criteria. Which brings us to the next point…
  2. Find and connect with the people who are doing it
    If you want to find a job as a human resources manager in a medium-sized company in the banking industry, use LinkedIn to search out human resources managers who work in medium-sized companies in the banking industry. Then, ask for a few minutes of their time to sit down and chat with you more about what they do, what that particular job expectation is and see if there are any open positions that they are aware of.
  3. Ask to be referred from their networks
    See if the person you’re meeting with has other connections who are in similar positions that you’re seeking out. Then rinse and repeat the process until a potential opportunity arises.

This networking-forward approach has helped Gabriela’s clients immensely and her book has tons of other handy tips like these. For the full interview with Gabriela, check out the replay!