Four important things you can do to be kind to yourself TODAY

Four important things you can do to be kind to yourself TODAY.png

Let’s be honest, we’re all pretty hard on ourselves, right? Any tiny whoopsie or trip up is, in our mind, 10 times worse than it really is (and the holidays are NO help). If you really think about it, we’re pretty shitty to ourselves. Think if someone spoke to your best friend, family member or significant other, like you speak to yourself. There’s a pretty good chance that person would get an ass whoopin’.

But yet, we choose to speak to ourselves in such a way that isn’t, by a long shot, acceptable to our loved ones. That’s messed up.

So this holiday season, here are four ways you can be kinder to yourself starting today!

Accept mistakes

We are all human and going to f-up at one point or another. It’s going to happen because perfection isn’t real. Take your lumps, accept it and move on.

Write down your successes for the day

I received this awesome piece of advice from Susan Peppercorn, author of Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work: Evidence-Based Strategies To Thrive In Your Career, when I chatted with her in Sept. She said as humans, it’s our instinct to be negative so we need to proactively remember what DID go right in our day. So at the end of the day, write down a few things that were successes, no matter how big or small. Check out my entire chat with Susan here.

Focus on your positive traits

Our society is moving toward a massive shift in self-improvement. But why go to such lengths to constantly try fix our shortcomings when we should be amplifying our greatest strengths? Me for example, I have terrible patience. Always have and always will. And no matter how hard I would work on trying to be more patient, my time is better spent focusing on one of my greatest strengths, which is learning new things to help my clients and grow my business.

Reward yourself

Have some “me” time with a big glass of wine, watching your favorite show on Netflix, or ordering your favorite sushi takeout. No matter if you’ve had a great or rotten day, reward yourself for getting through it.

Here’s to being kind to yourself,

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