When Our Passions Are Put On Ice

When Our Passions Are Put On Ice.png

It’s been a horrendously frigid last few days here in Upstate New York. Wind chill advisories, blizzard warnings and just generally miserable weather make any kind of outdoor activity (including going to and from the car) nearly impossible. Even my poor dog can’t be left out for more than a few minutes.

Even though the tundra-esque temperatures seem brutal right now, there are a few upsides. For instance, have you seen the gorgeous wintry images of Niagara Falls? Stunning.

Winter helps transforms my garden, too, by providing plants with vernalization, which is a requirement for some species. Vernalization is a physiological process in some plants where the flowers, or sometimes the seeds, must go through a prolonged period of cold in order to blossom or germinate in the spring.

Sometimes, we too, need to go through an arduous, frozen or dormant period so we can flourish as professionals. Our lives, projects or goals won’t be in full bloom 365 days a year. There will certainly be difficulties, such as keeping your passions alive and warm, but each day moves us closer toward the results we seek.

Here’s to getting through the cold,