Five New Career-Focused Books You Need to Check Out Now

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I'm convinced there's nothing you can't learn on your own. Between online videos, blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, professionals can fine-tune their skills more than they ever could before. Whether you're looking to land a dream job, sharpen your interviewing skills, reset your mindset or discover hidden job search tricks, here are five career-focused books you need to check out today:

Aced: Superior Interview Skills to Gain an Unfair Advantage to Land Your Dream Job!

by Gerald Ratigan 

After reading this book, you’ll be able to answer all interview questions in your interview. You will have more productivity, possess more confidence in job hunting and habit stacking. You’ll be prepared and in control of the interview like never before.

Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work. Evidence-Based Strategies to Thrive in Your Career

by Susan Peppercorn

This book provides a step-by-step guide to help you develop the tools and resources you need to bring more happiness and satisfaction to your work; in your current job or a new one.

Great Work, Great Rewards: 7 Secrets for Breaking the Performance Punishment Cycle

by  Liz Nolley Tillman 

Great Work, Great Rewards is the definitive self-help guide to reclaiming your joy when your ONLY reward for great work is more work. Part self-help guide, part workbook, Great Work, Great Rewards is a must-read for any high-performing achiever looking to break the performance punishment cycle and reclaim their joy in their careers.

I CAME. I SAW. I JUMPED!: How I Found My Dream Job and You Can Too!

by Petros Eshetu 

Written from the experiences of the author, the book is a story of his own incredible journey from a job where he was unfulfilled, hated and felt miserable, to the present where he now enjoys a passionate and purposeful calling.

Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search

by Gabriela Casineanu

In this book, you’ll find inside real job search stories of successful introverts, and how to avoid the pitfalls of each phase of the job hunting process to increase your chances to get the desired position.

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You can't put a price on knowledge. But when it's this inexpensive, your brain (and pocketbook) will thank you!