“Small steps can lead to big changes” – agree?

Has a sudden job loss or change left you feeling alone and worried about what happens next?

Are you considering a career change but feel stuck or afraid to make the leap?

Does the need for financial security override your personal happiness?

My friend, Diane McClay, knows exactly how it feels to be in your shoes. She too had and an unexpected job loss, and it created a dramatic and emotional shift in her life.

See, Diane spent 23 years loving her job and the community it created. She felt part of something and happiness came from knowing that she was doing “what she was meant to do." The plan to work until retirement was solid… until it wasn’t. Sudden job loss left her feeling lost, alone, and unprepared for re-entering the job market. Everything was new and unfamiliar. She didn’t even have a resume! One big question loomed: “Now What?

Today, Diane is happy to report she answered the heart-driven call to action to have a more meaningful job and leave a positive mark on the world. She is a successful entrepreneur, career transition coach, and writer who spends her free time traveling with her family, practicing yoga and Pilates, playing in the outdoors with her partner and three dogs. Sometimes it takes leaving something familiar, to reclaim the freedom you need to live the life you want.

Together, Diane and I are committed to helping you answer the question “Now What?”

Diane created a FREE 10-day interview series to help you take action, feel empowered and live the 2nd half of your life on your terms! Here, you will learn from top career reinvention experts how to hack the hidden job market, recover and reinvent a career from job loss, create viable career transition strategies, and be successful in your chosen career! It’s called Reinvent Your Career: Awaken Your Authentic Self, Find Freedom and Live the Life You Want. I'm really excited because she invited me to be one of the speakers! Because you're in my community, I am inviting you to this training event for free! It is easy to access starts August 14 and runs through August 25.


When you listen in, you'll discover:

• How to prepare for a career transition, whether it’s planned or unplanned

• How to find unadvertised hidden jobs

• How to move forward with confidence by building a network to help you achieve your goals.

This training could be the difference between you “just getting by” and really living life the way you want. I am inviting you to listen to your heart and take your first small step. Mark your calendars and tune in. One degree of change is all you need to move forward.There's an old saying, “Small steps can lead to big changes” I’m confident you’ll find at least one thing that can help you take that step. There's no risk for you to attend because it's totally free and our way of giving back. Reserve your front row seat