Introducing "Fired Up with the Expert": A Free Career Reinvention Webinar Series

So you've recently lost your job or are losing your mind at your current gig. It can be frustrating finding some solid advice from people who have been in your shoes, right? I felt the same way when I found myself without a job and having to reinvent my career. It was a scary time, but I was really lucky to have a few good friends who had been through the same situation. Their guidance and encouragement were invaluable as I ventured through my career transition from a full-time communications director to a self-employed marketing consultant. I came away far wiser and confident, all thanks to my crew!

And one of those people? None other than Jason Mollica, who is featured in my latest book Fighting FIRED With Fire and inaugural guest of my newly-created webinar series "Fired Up with the Expert."

On Tuesday, August 15 at 8 p.m. EDT I'll be chatting live with Jason on a free webinar geared to help anyone going through a career transition, like the one we have both been through. 

Jason is an award-winning strategic PR and marketing pro, social communications builder, educator, speaker, personal brand advocate (plus, he's just a downright good guy!). His insight into job loss was invaluable to me as I was going through a similar experience. Jason's positive and optimistic attitude is infectious, and you'll come away feeling better about any situation after hearing his advice and encouragement! 


  • chat about each of our job loss journeys – how they were the same and different
  • get into the methods and tactics that we both found helpful in our career transition
  • swap funny stories and "ah-ha" moments
  • dish out some handy advice for those going through the same career transition
  • take your burning questions about how we got to where we are now

Can't make it live? 
No problem! Go ahead and register anyway and I'll send out the rebroadcast link so you can check it out whenever you can.


I'm so excited to share these amazing experts with my book community. Thank you for your incredible support!