The Power of a Clean Slate

The Power of a Clean Slate.png

Just the other day, in preparation for a new year, I wiped the dry erase board in my office clean. On it, had my yearly and monthly goals from 2017 outlined. As I cleaned off the board, about half of my yearly goals were checked off – those being hitting my new client goal, publishing my first book and completing a certification. Not too shabby!

The goals I didn’t meet, will either drop off the board (as they’re not a priority anymore) or will be transferred to 2018. The beauty of it is that I have the power to do that. These goals are not set in stone and are not dictated by someone else. They’re mine and only I control them.

Isn’t that freakin’ awesome?

So if you didn’t accomplish everything you set out to do this year, it’s ok! Just evaluate if each goal is still a priority. If it is, tack it on to next year’s goals. If it’s not, drop it like a bad habit. You have that power so use it to guide your time and skills wisely.

And of course, never forget to celebrate your successes!

Here’s to your goal-setting power,