Five Reasons Why Every Career-Driven Person Should Have a Hobby

Five Reason Why Every Career-Driven Person Should Have a Hobby.png

I began painting out of misery. Yes, true story. Stuck in my career and uninspired, I signed up for a 8-week watercolor class at a local art supply store. Little did I know that it would change my life. I loved it and eventually explored charcoal, drawing and acrylics. I even built out a little art studio in my basement (my lady cave, if you will).

Whether you’re job hunting, own a business or are in a full-time gig, there are times when our careers just aren’t enough. When you begin a hobby, it’s not only something fun to do, but believe it or not, it can actually help your career. Here are the top reasons why every career-driving person should have a hobby.

They’re A Natural Stress Buster

If you’re painting, sewing, making beer or cooking, your brain is focused on that particular activity, releasing the pressure of stress on your mind. After just 20 minutes of working on your hobby, you’ll most likely forget what you were so stressed out about!

They Enable Creativity

You’d be surprised as to how many times you solve a problem when you’re not actively thinking about how to solve a problem. Your brain is focused on a new activity and therefore can open a capacity for problem solving and creativity.

They Exposes You To a New Network of People

Whether it’s at the yarn store, the beer making supply place or at painting class, you become exposed to a new group of people who share a similar interest, outside of your professional circle. And who knows? Your next client or customer might be standing next to you, picking out paint colors.

They Add an Interesting Aspect to your Story

Having a hobby or interest adds a dynamic layer to your personality and can help form a connection with your business contacts. It’s much easier to make conversation when you have more than one thing in common.

It’s A Life-Long Skill

I know when I’m 90 and living in the nursing home, I will still be able to paint (even if I can’t remember my own name!). Career skills will fade. Time and technology will overcome our own abilities and the jobs we have now may very well be obsolete. But those hobbies and personal skills will stay with us forever.

What are your favorite hobbies? Comment below!

Here’s to your career-helping hobbies,