Why it never has to be one or the other

Why it never has to be one or the other.png

On Sunday, my hubby and I braved the elements and attended the infamously snowy Colts vs. Bills game. As native Hoosiers, we are die-hard Indy fans, so whenever the team comes to our now-hometown of Buffalo, we never pass up the opportunity to see them play… even in eight inches of snow during a monster of a blizzard.


However, when the Bills aren’t playing the Colts, we of course always want them to win. They’re the hometown team and our friends, neighbors, and Buffalonians, in general, are much more happy when they’re winning.

My point is that nothing about your career (or life) ever has to be mutually exclusive.

We can still be die-hard Colts fans yet live in another city and root for that city’s team. You can still be an entrepreneur and be employed full-time by someone else. You can love what you do and also be curious about another career path. You seemingly have your shit together and be lost at the same time.

Nothing ever has to be one or the other. It’s ok to be conflicted and want different things or be different things at the same time.

Here’s to not having to take sides,