A Lesson in Vodka

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A Lesson in Vodka

I love to create stuff. Whether it’s writing a new book or painting a new piece or cooking a new dish, making something original is so much fun to me. And making homemade cocktails is no exception.

Back at the end of summer, I decided to dabble in infused vodkas. I’d never tried out such a thing before but was curious to see how they would turn out. I made five different flavors: strawberry rhubarb, strawberry basil, poblano lime, cucumber lime and cucumber mint. My five little beauties sat for about two months, soaking in all the flavorful goodness. When I opened them up, strained and tasted them this past weekend and here’s what happened.

Cucumber Lime and Cucumber Mint – Terrible. I think the cucumbers were infused too long and the vodka tasted like garbage. Womp.

Strawberry Basil and Poblano Lime – Pretty good! Not my favorite but these could definitely be used in a few concoctions.

Strawberry Rhubarb – Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Wow, was it good! You could literally drink it straight (and you know we did!).

Through this infusing process, I learned which flavors worked and which didn’t. I also figured out how to make the infusing process go a bit smoother the next time a roll out a new flavor.

I do have a point to this story (other than flavored vodkas are amazing!). First, everything you set out to try is a learning lesson - the good, the bad and the ugly. Secondly, in order to get a winner – whether it be a job, a goal, etc. – you’ve got to go through some duds first.

Success is a numbers game. For every goose egg you throw out, you’re one step closer to a winner. Keep going, keep grinding. TWEET THIS!

Now, on to my next flavors – grapefruit and an apple cinnamon!

(Also, if you have any ideas why my cucumber vodkas were so bad, please reply back and let me know! I’d be curious to find out.)


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