About the 1,920 Hours You Spend at Work


Did you know that you spend roughly 1,920 hours at work within one year?

That’s a shiiiittttload of time.

However, it turns out that all of those hours are mostly being thrown into a dark, bottomless pit of treachery by unhappy employees. According to a Gallup poll, only one-third of employees are happy at their jobs. At the other end, 16% of employees are miserable in the workplace and the remaining 51% of employees are not engaged -- they're just…there.

That's a whole lot of Eeyore's.

Are you one of the blissfully whistling happy employees? Or can 5 p.m. not come fast enough, day after day?

I can honestly tell you that, about two and a half years ago, I was the miserable curmudgeon who stalked the clock and lived on my weekends. It wasn’t until I lost my job that I realized how truly unhappy I had been. I went on to build my business, explore a lot of other interests, and write a book that helps others who have lost their jobs build confidence and reinvent their careers. Now I'm loving my work, a published author and have gained another 1,920 hours of joy! #winning

So, if you’re like the Megan from 2015, and need some help on the job happiness front, then I hope you'll join me and my new author friend Liz Nolley Tillman tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST for a live chat. Liz is an expert on all things performance punishment (You know, that thing that happens when you do a great job, become the constant go-to person and then get more crap dumped on you? Yea, that.) She even wrote an entire book to the subject, so she definitely knows her stuff!

 There are a limited number of spaces available so register now.

 And if you've been looking for a sign to start making a change, THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

Wishing you 1,920 more hours of happiness,

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