My Four Go-To Audio Podcasts and Playlists for Tough Days

My Four Go-To Audio Podcasts and Playlists for Tough Days.png

We all have days where we struggle in life or our jobs (or both!). I’ve found that the biggest help in overcoming this struggle is to change what’s going through your ears. Uplifting affirmations or motivational speeches are awesome ways to get the positive vibes going. Here are my top four go-to playlists for tough days:

1.  “Motivation” - I have no idea where I found this one but this extended YouTube playlist has a few hours of some really great motivational speakers such as Les Brown and Eric Thomas.

2. Gary Vee Audio Experience - Gary Vee’s Audio Experience is filled with everything from his motivational speeches at conferences to random “rants” that he records on the fly.

3. Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” - Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast is a continuation from her book “Big Magic” and features guests who are struggling in their art or career and matches them with a prominent figure (such as an author or actor). They proceed to give the person who is struggling real life advice and encouragement.

4.  TED Talks -  You can find a topic on damn near anything. And the good news is that they’re only quick 20 minute talks!

Did I leave any out? What’s your go-to pick-me-up?

Here’s to getting through tough days,