One Simple Trick to Corral Your Courage

One Simple Trick to Corral Your Courage.png

Yesterday, I signed up for CrossFit. I’ve been feeling pretty shitty about my health and weight lately so it was time. For months, one of my close friends and my sister-in-law have both been trying to persuade me to join (they swear by it and look and feel like a million bucks!) but didn't crack me until yesterday. But I’m pretty sure that Jesus Christ himself could have told me it was the best thing on the planet and I would have hesitated.

Why? Because I’m a chicken shit.

Terrible excuse, right? The thought of joining CrossFit being so out of shape and the joke of the gym is petrifying. But lately, desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve hit my rock bottom. I want to look and feel healthy again. And so that’s what I’m setting out to do.

The funny thing is that actually signing up was the hardest part. Just taking that first step in anything is always the hardest, right? It’s so simple, yet so paralyzing. I must have had that sign-up tab in my browser open for at least an hour before I actually hit ‘Submit’. One way that I was able to corral my courage and go for it was using Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule. Essentially, you countdown from 5 to yourself (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and then do the thing you want to do before your brain stops you with worry, fear or hesitation. It can be applied to anything  – getting out of bed, making a new contact, or doing a task you’ve been putting off. Mel is a damn genius - read her book!

I wish you the courage to do whatever it is you have your sights set on. I begin my CrossFit journey tomorrow  – wish me luck!

Here’s to corralling your courage,