No one can laugh at you, unless they’re beating you


I’ve been following entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee) the CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, lately. His f-bomb laced approach to business and creativity is really fascinating  (especially for someone who likes to drop f-bombs frequently!). In one of his audio “Rants,” he talked about hustle and why we shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

No one can laugh at you unless they’re beating you.” he said.

That quote stopped me in my tracks. How often have we been terrified to share our art, a new product or new idea with the world at the fear of being laughed at or judged? More times than not, I’d imagine.

When I launched my book this past summer, it was so easy for me to share it with strangers, because they absolutely had no idea who I was. But when it came to sharing with my friends and loved ones, it was a totally different story. It took me ALL DAY on launch day to post to my personal Facebook page that I had published a book. Why? Because my fear of being laughed at or judged got into my head in the worst kind of way.

Creativity takes courage  – the courage to share and take the hits that come along with judgement.  But, unless they’ve done what you’re doing and are beating you in that said thing, no one can laugh at you.

Here’s to being brave, friends,