Here’s why it’s ok to not be ok

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Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note that said I’m sorry, I
I had a bad day again

She spilled her coffee broke a shoelace
Smeared the lipstick on her face
Slammed the door and said I’m sorry, I
I had a bad day again
— Fuel

Today didn’t start off so hot. I accidentally overslept only to wake up to find out we’re out of milk and then, my dog peed all over the floor. All within 15 minutes. Great effin’ day.

We’re all going to have crap days where we want to go back to bed, hit the reset button and start the day over. We’re going to feel defeated or angry or hopeless or worthless. We’re not going to have our shit together. These painfully bad days are going to happen and it’s totally ok to not be ok.

But the thing is, we need to have the crap days in order to really enjoy and appreciate the really super amazing days. Because those will happen too.  Just like our successes / failures, our good and bad days are a numbers game as well. Keep plugging away, keep grinding through the crap days and you’re sure to turn up with a winner.

Here’s to getting through the crap days,

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